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Back Muscle Spasm

Poor posture can directly affect your back

A back muscle spasm can literally take your breath away. Millions experience the agonizing pain of muscle spasms following an activity such as running or bicycling for extended periods. In normal muscle activity, the muscle will alternately relax and constrict with limb movement. During a muscle spasm, the muscle constricts or tightens and is unable to release, resulting in intense pain.

Muscle spasms in the back are often more difficult to control than spasms in the extremities. For most people, it is harder to stretch out the back muscles than the leg muscles. Back muscle spasms can occur as a result of improper posture, vitamin deficiencies, overuse, and many other causes. If back muscle spasms are recurring or the pain is ongoing, it's important to see your healthcare provider for an accurate diagnosis.

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Quite often, back muscle inflammation and muscle spasms are interrelated. The process begins when the muscle becomes inflamed because of a pull or injury. The inflammation decreases the blood flow to the muscle, which can cause the muscle to cramp or spasm. If allowed to continue, the muscle can become irritated to the point of affecting the nerve connection at the spine.

It's important to get back muscle spasms under control not only for comfort, but to prevent further damage to the back structure. Many physical therapists use ultrasound treatment to penetrate deep into the muscle tissue and vibrate the tissue. This vibration creates heat, which increases the blood flow of oxygen and healing nutrients to the muscle.

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