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Cervical Herniated Disc

Anatomy of the spine

The spine is comprised of five distinct segments--coccyx, sacrum, lumbar, thoracic, and cervical--from bottom to top. The two most common locations for disc herniation are the lumbar spine (lower back) and the neck area (cervical spine). The cervical spine is comprised of seven vertebrae between the chest and the head.

A cervical herniated disc can cause a variety of symptoms, including numbness and weakness in the neck, chest, shoulders, and hands. If the herniation is extremely large, it may affect other parts of the body such as the legs. It's important to get an accurate diagnosis by a healthcare professional so that proper treatment can begin. The extent of the symptoms will determine whether surgery is necessary to avoid nerve damage, or if non-surgical therapy is recommended.

Cervial Herinated disc

Reducing the inflammation in the surrounding muscle tissue is one of the first steps in obtaining relief from a herniated disc. MendMeShop Therapeutic Ultrasound is one of the best non-invasive treatments for reducing inflammation in cervical herniated disc injury. Using phonophoresis and ultrasound, the healing properties of MendMeShop Lavender Infusion Ultrasound Gel. are spread deep into the muscle tissue. The ultrasound operates at a frequency that drives the gel past the external skin layers to get to the origin of pain.

How to Order

MendMeShop Ultrasound is available in a kit that includes everything you need to do ultrasound treatments on a daily basis. This has been shown to be more effective than making the trip to a physical therapist or chiropractor only a couple of times a week.

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