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Lower Back Pain Relief

Lower back pain relief can be found by stretching out the muscles in the back. Pain receptors up and down the spine respond to the pull of tense muscles, often with intense pain. Keeping the muscles flexible and strong is your first step in finding lower back pain relief. If muscles are allowed to atrophy, the back pain will only get worse.

Success Stories

Any lower back pain that is persistent should be evaluated by a doctor, especially if the cause is unknown. Proper diagnosis leads to more effective pain relief. Conservative treatment including heat/ice therapy, anti-inflammatory medications, and simple exercises are often all that's needed to provide adequate lower back pain relief.

In addition to the usual conservative measures, many therapists and back care specialists have found the ultrasound technology is effective in promoting back pain relief. It is guaranteed to be safe and effective when used according to treatment guide or healthcare provider guidelines.

Ultarsond therapy vs no therapy

With billions of dollars being spent every year searching for lower back pain relief, it's no surprise that MendMeShop Ultrasound is becoming more popular among athletes and home users. This affordable unit can be used daily in your home rather than making repeated trips to a physical therapist, chiropractor, or other healthcare provider for treatments.