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Lower Back Pain Treatments

MendMeShop Hot/Cold Wrap

Lower back pain treatments vary from immediate intervention to simply managing chronic pain. Immediately following an injury, it may be advisable to apply ice packs for the first two to three days to reduce swelling. Anytime there is swelling around the spinal column nerves, there's going to be pain. The pain may even radiate down the legs, making movement even more difficult.

After the initial ice pack treatment, relief may be obtained using heat instead. The heat will increase the blood flow which, in turn, supplies more oxygen to the damaged or irritated muscle tissue. One disadvantage of applying heat packs is discomfort to the surface of the skin. With MendMeShop ultrasound therapy, you can enjoy soothing heat deep in the muscle without burning the skin surface.

Ultrasonic lower back treatment

If your lower back pain is a result of osteoporosis or another degenerative disc disease, it's important to treat the cause (calcium deficit, etc.) as well as control the pain. Weight loss, proper nutrition, and an approved exercise program are all essential to reducing the discomfort of lower back pain. When used in conjunction with appropriate lifestyle changes, ultrasoun can be one of the most effective lower back pain treatments currently available.

How to Order

The cost of MendMeShop Ultrasound Device makes it possible for use as part of your daily routine. The deep penetrating sound waves are effective in working out the soreness and tightness of stressed muscles.