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Middle Back Pain

Ultarsond therapy vs no therapy

Middle back pain can be caused by a variety of conditions, including previous back surgery. One of the common complaints of patients who have previously had lower back surgery is recurring pain in the middle back. This is particularly common when fusion of the L4-5 and 5-S1 is involved. The vertebrae just above the L4-5 segment can become stressed, especially in more active individuals.

The best defense against middle back pain after a lower back fusion is muscle strengthening and training. Ultrasound therapy such as MendMeShop ultrasound has been shown to be effective in reducing the pain and muscle spasms that are common with stress in the middle back region. Whether you're trying to avoid back surgery using conservative treatments or you're managing pain resulting from surgery, ultrasound therapy may be your answer.

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Using ultrasound on a daily basis will keep the blood flow to the muscle fresh and full of oxygen. The heat generated deep in the soft tissue via the sound waves is effective in relieving inflammation and pain, reducing muscle spasms, and increasing your range of motion. More muscle flexibility makes it easier to obtain the benefits of an exercise routine.

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