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Pulled Muscle In Back

A pulled muscle is an injury in which the muscle fibers tear, causing intense pain. Muscle fibers contain the contractile part of the muscle. The back has a variety of muscles running in various directions up and down and across the trunk. The interconnection of muscles, nerves, ligaments, bones, and tendons makes it possible to bend, sit, stand, breathe, and initiate other movements.

As you can see, when any muscle in the back is pulled or strained, it affects all movement. The lower back is designed to move in many directions, and the upper back functions mostly in structural support. For that reason, treatment of any pulled back muscle should begin immediately following onset. Many therapists recommend ultrasound therapy such as MendMeShop Therapeutic Ultrasound to enhance the natural healing process through the use of soundwave technology.

Pulled muscles in the back are not typically known to cause chronic pain. The pain is usually acute and goes away with proper treatment. If pain from a pulled muscle continues for several days, it might be an indication that more damage such as a ruptured disc has occurred. In that case, imaging diagnostics such as an MRI or CT scanning may be necessary to confirm or rule out disc involvement.

Many chiropractors, doctors, and physical therapists recommend the use of MendMeShop ultrasound therapy for pulled back muscles. Ultrasound has received recognition as a safe and effective medical device for home use. Find out more about the great results obtained through the use of MendmeShop on AidMySciatica.com.